Road haulage firms are feeling the impact of society’s growing concern about their operations in the environment. Among industries, road haulage has an especially high profile and must ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to reduce adverse affects of their operations.

Concern expresses itself in many forms: pressure from local residents and councils, increased regulation from government and its agencies, and requirements from customers rightly seeking high standards from their suppliers. Our employees and potential recruits seek assurance that the company acknowledges its responsibility for the places where we operate and for the broader environment.

Our responsibility covers truck specification and operations and the depots, offices, workshops and building from which we operate and provide haulage-related services. We seek to adopt and maintain best practise in what we do and to subject that to regular review to ensure that it remains the most effective within our business.

In adopting these measures, we aim to protect the environment, to enhance the reputation of our business and to strengthen the business for the long term. In addition, we hope to raise the appreciation of the positive and essential contribution that our industry makes to the economy and people of the UK.

It is our belief that good environmental practice contributes to cost-reduction, efficiency and long term health of the business. Green haulage is efficient haulage.