Every year we handle more than 75,000 Danish trolleys and their precious cargo, plants, transporting them safely and in pristine condition, not a leaf out of place, to their destination.

We’ll pick up trolleys anywhere on the UK mainland or you can drop yours at our Pershore Logistics Centre. Our tail-lift lorries and vans are temperature-controlled, if you need that, and perfect for loading and unloading. And our green-fingered drivers are fully trained to handle Danish trolleys, care for live plants and handle garden centre distribution.

We’re well equipped to handle the seasonal peaks too. We can quickly flex up and down as we need to and our online booking will help manage things when you’re busy, everything from processing orders to producing delivery notes. A much-needed extra pair of hands when you need it, we’ve been told.


  • Danish Trolley Transport and Storage UK
  • Drop-off facility at our logistics centre
  • Range of vehicles including tail-lift and temperature-controlled
  • Highly trained specialist drivers
  • Able to handle high volume peak season deliveries
  • Online booking (great for high season)
  • Container Centralen Trolley Storage