Come hell or high Water




On a Friday afternoon in summer, after six hours of torrential rain, we, and many of our local customers, faced a serious problem. Flooding. Not only were roads becoming impassable making deliveries difficult, local warehouses were letting in water. Customers were worried about damage to their contents and the cost of late time-sensitive deliveries.


We drove our customers through the floods and, using our tail-lifts, loaded their property into our safe, dry vehicles. Many of us stayed out on the road to make sure that newspapers and magazines with important deadlines got to distributors on time. Our transport manager worked from her kitchen with a mobile phone and laptop, liaising between printer and drivers, until the delivery happened.


After a week of torrential rain and the worst flooding that the UK has seen in years, all of our customers goods had been delivered safely and dry. Our faithful drivers who had beaten everything nature could throw at them could finally return to base happy (if a little soggy) that their job had been completed. And we could begin to return our customers rescued warehouse stock to their now dry warehouses.