Snow Way




When White drivers, Roger and Matt, stepped into their lorry one cold January morning, it was good news. The snow had finally stopped and the main roads were clear. They could deliver the sofa to its excited new owner. But a quarter mile away from the delivery address, they discovered that smaller roads were impassable. They were stuck.


One sofa, a long stretch of narrow icy road and an upset customer. How could they make it happen? Then they hit on it. Roger unloaded an empty pallet from the back. With Matt’s help, he manoeuvred the sofa onto it, tied a strap around it and himself and pulled the ‘sledge’ with Matt pushing at the back. Sofas away.


When the phone rang that afternoon, it was a very happy customer with a lovely new sofa to sit on. When more orthodox methods failed, a bit of creativity (and manpower) from Roger and Matt kept our customer informed and got them and the sofa there on time - if a little out of breath.