White Knights




Our horticultural customers have a special challenge. The safe transportation of thousands of delicate plants. They deliver to us and then we distribute to their customers around the country. One day we received a panicky call from one of their drivers. En route to us, wheeled trolleys had smashed through his lorry doors, scattering plants along three miles of a busy road.


Immediately, 20 of us drove in cars and 7.5T vehicles to rescue the driver, Danish trolleys and plants. We quickly controlled the traffic so that, by hand and with brushes and tail-lifts, we could safely clear the road of plants and trolleys and reload the lorry - stopping plant-loving passersby from helping themselves in the process.


Within 45 minutes, we’d managed to clear the road and get the lorry safely loaded up so the driver could continue his journey. Once he got to us, we helped him sort out the remaining Danish trolleys and plants, make sure his vehicle was clean, tidy and safe and his nerves calmed with a cup of hot sweet tea.